Organized Kids TOT

Organized Kids

would you like to become a children trainer?
Want to help them become better citizens?
Do you have the ability to teach and be creative?
Would you like to see kids more organized and time sense?
Want to help kids perform better in school and be responsible?
Are you working freelance or with centers?

Then this NEW program is for you.

Organized Kids

Training of Trainers (TOT)

تدريب المدربين على برنامج الأطفال المنظمين

This Program is presented as a training of trainers(TOT) and divided into three modules to help kids understand the previous aspects of life:

  1. Module 1- My Room: Learning to be organized: Improve and enrich the feel and love for their room, desks, toys and other possessions in order to convince them to take care of it and show the benefit they will get due to organizing to encourage them to learn the how to.
  2. Module 2- My Money: Helping kids to understand the idea of needs and wants. Explain the idea of “my wallet” and how to carry money safely. Learning how to save and spend money wisely by understanding the value of things. .
  3. Module 3- My Time: Learning about time: Young children can talk about things that have happened or will happen, but they cannot yet understand or talk about these events in terms of units of time or sequence. Using Calendars, clocks, checklists and to-do lists will help children to understand not only concepts such as before and after but also the relative lengths of time or distance of past or future events from the present, furthermore, how to plan for their days.

The above modules are introduced to kids in a potentially 12 hour discussion, split on three days with materials, presentation, story-telling,  activities and handouts to deliver the messages in a smooth and child friendly way. In addition to extra one hour for parents to discuss with them how to help their children stay organized and sustain what they have learned through our workshop.
أوراق العمل
The package include:

  1. Trainer’s Materials (soft copy)
    • Includes: a short story about time (by Sean Covey), presentation, 12 flash cards, calendar and other visual aids.
  2. Trainee’s handouts (soft copy)
    • Includes: different checklists, organizing stickers, wipe/erase calendar and other activities
  3. Suggested in-class activities and videos
  4. Trainer’s Manual (TOT document)
  5. 2 hours meeting with the trainers to describe the program modules and to discuss the content and ways to deliver the messages. (presented online)
  6. Parents Handout: a suggested 1 hour discussion with the parents by end of course.
  7. Updates of any materials or activities to enrich future sessions.
  8. The Trainer and trainees are advised to join (Organized Kids Club), which is a closed facebook group to post images of previous workshops, follow up with trainees from everywhere, benefit from feedback of parents and get any updates regarding the Organized Kids program.

This course is available for trainers or as a special program for schools

This program is aiming at building a community of Organized Kids through these workshops and guiding parents through their parenting experience.

We are not born with organizational skills, in retrospect these behaviors are learned through school and home. Therefore teaching these skills early on can help your child achieve success in school and throughout their adult years.
To request your package, please contact: 0100-518 0064