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Time Management for Working Moms

“I only wish I had one more hour”, “I don’t have time to do it”, Sounds familiar?

The idea of this workshop is to help you control your daily demands while staying sane, in another word, using your time more efficiently so you can live more effectively.

Time management is one of the 5 departments that you use to manage your home and family life according to the Home Management Program. It is something you are involved in on daily basis weather you feel it or not.

What am I going to get from this course?

This workshop should lead you into a new life of more fulfillment and greater impact. By helping you discover and define your core areas of importance, it will lead you to a place of greater focus on those activities, relationships and projects that mean the most to you; Develop a personal plan to stay on top of your daily routine, through resources and tricks that will help you be more efficient with the time that you do have.1

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  Target audience:

  • Working women
  • Anyone who is harried, busy or thinks that they need a few more hours to get everything done.

Duration:  4 hours

 Materials:  Presentation and exercise sheets

 Handouts: Workshop document and planning sheets

To request for a corporate training, please contact: 0100-518 0064

Photos of previous workshop held for Baker Hughes Company:

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Time Management for Working Moms