The Home Management Concept


Derived from an administrative background of managing offices and altered to suite homes, The Program looks at the home as an important socioeconomic institution in life where decisions are made, resources managed and services such as education, transportation and finances are carried, to mention a few.

Moreover, it gives the woman the title of the Home Manager; therefore, make her illegible to do all what managers do in business. Using the strategies and tactics of business management, the program guides ladies -through a set of workshops and related materials available on our website -on how to manage their homes efficiently and economically based on five departments to cover all at-house areas.

Once you know the secrets, you’ll actually work less, but get much more done. Whether you’re looking for info on organizing your stuff, maximizing square footage, creative homemaking, household product reviews, quick DIY projects, property maintenance, or creative ways to celebrate holidays– you’ve come to the right place!


Simplifying life and organizing homes aiming at better lifestyle and in-expensive luxury for a happy family. Organizing Egypt one home at a time!


Home is a unique economical institution where important decisions are made everyday. The Home Manager, consequently, tasked with planning, organizing, supervision and controlling exactly like any manager in any organization. And since organization is not an act, but more of a lifestyle, without it families cannot improve.

Better Home…Happy Life!


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